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Being inspired by other dancers

5 Young and Inspiring Dancers to Watch! By watching other dancers online it can give you that extra bit of motivation or confidence to work harder, find a new style, and explore different types of movement. At Dance Sensations we love our students to improvise, self choreograph and create new movement as it is such an important part of growing as both a dancer and an artist. Sometimes, watching people closer to your age can open up your eyes to [...]

Dance Sensations classes for preschool students

5 Benefits of DS Minis classes

DS Minis - so much more than preschool dance classes There are so many wonderful activities out there at the moment for preschool students.  Activities like Little Kickers, Little Rugby etc, Kindy Gym and a whole host of others – the choice can be overwhelming for parents. In this blog we list 5 reasons that our DS Minis classes are a perfect activity for preschool students. 1. Learning skills that help them when they start school Two of the most simple, vital, [...]

Dance Sensations Midyear Showcase

What is the DS Midyear Showcase? As dancers we spend most of our time in the dance studio working super hard, practicing tricks and turns, and repeating steps until we’re sweating head to toe. For me, one of the most rewarding things is getting to show off all of your hard work on stage for your friends and family to see! At DS we are so lucky to get to showcase all of the things we have been learning in [...]