5 Benefits of DS Minis classes

Dance Sensations classes for preschool students

5 Benefits of DS Minis classes

DS Minis - so much more than preschool dance classes

Dance Sensations classes for preschool students

There are so many wonderful activities out there at the moment for preschool students.  Activities like Little Kickers, Little Rugby etc, Kindy Gym and a whole host of others – the choice can be overwhelming for parents. In this blog we list 5 reasons that our DS Minis classes are a perfect activity for preschool students.

1. Learning skills that help them when they start school

Two of the most simple, vital,  and often overlooked skills that our preschool dancers take from our DS Minis classes is waiting their turn and following instructions from the teacher. Even after just 6 months of dance classes with our amazing and experienced DS Minis teachers, students can become more focused and attentive students in class which is an invaluable skill to take into Kindergarten.

2. Developing independence

As parents are not in the classroom in our DS Minis classes (we have viewing screens in reception) this gives the students a safe and friendly environment to step out ‘on their own’ and take direction from other adults.  At Dance Sensations we understand that it can often be a daunting proposition for our Minis (and their parents) to head into the classroom without mum or dad. Our amazing staff have LOTS of experience in dealing with this exact situation and work with the students and parents to make this transition as smooth as possible.

3. A little break for the parents

Because you aren’t in the classroom joining in on the activity – unlike a lot of other activities for toddlers and preschool students, this gives you the opportunity for the rarest of things…30 minutes to yourself!!  Some parents like to watch their child on the viewing screen, while others like to sit and read their book, or play on their phone…the choices are endless 🙂

4. Exploring their Creativity

It’s a well known fact that children learn best through exploration and play and our DS Minis classes are carefully designed with this in mind.  An important part of every one of our preschool dance classes is giving students a chance to explore their creativity with play based dance and movement games. Not only is this part of the lesson one of the favourites of the students – but is often a wonderful (and humorous) activity for the teachers 🙂

5. Learning the foundations of dance

I mean this is the main reason you signed up for dance classes right? Obviously on top of all the amazing things listed above, your child will learn the foundations of a particular dance style in our preschool dance classes and most importantly have an awesome time doing it!! With DS Minis classes available in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap and Cheer there is plenty to choose from to find the right class for your little mover and shaker!

Preschool dance classes in Shellharbour and Kiama

Over to you

Has your child come through our DS Minis program here at Dance Sensations?  If so we’d love to hear from you in the comments below? We’d also love to hear from you if you’re thinking about putting your child into classes and have any questions about our specialised preschool dance classes.

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