Dance Competitions

Dance Competitions

If it’s not about winning, then why do we compete?

As eisteddfod season is fast approaching, we get lots of questions (especially from our newest troupe families) about why we participate in dance competitions rather than just showcases and community events. Read on to see why we believe dance competitions have a multitude of positive learning experiences to offer our dancers.

DS jnr troupe at a competition
One of our youngest DS troupes ready to compete!

To get recognition for your hard work.

Dancers spend hours on end working on technique, strength, flexibility and learning choreography in the classroom. Often, parents and friends don’t know how much work actually goes in to see the results! Competitions can be a wonderful atmosphere for students to get the recognition they deserve in a public setting. Although placings never matter, you can’t deny that it feels good to make it to the top 5!

DS troupe at a competition
One of the DS senior troupes ready to perform at competition

To develop skills in a performance setting. (Lights, costumes, and make-up).

At Dance Sensations we are so lucky to get performance opportunities so often. One of the most exciting parts of competing is putting on your very own costume and doing hair and makeup ready for the stage! Lots of kids never get to experience a full performance setting until they’re working in the dance industry as adults!

Dance Sensations soloists
Dance Sensations soloists Lili and Brooklyn supporting each-other at an eisteddfod

To practice good sportspersonship, encouragement, and kindness to others in a “competition” setting.

At the end of the day, competitions are not always the most reliable indicator or your child or team’s progress. The result of competition is purely one person’s opinion, on one day. It is important to not get too wrapped up in the results decided by the adjudicator and to be happy with whatever result your team/other teams get. Being a good sport, even when you haven’t won is such a great quality to learn, and dance competitions provide a great atmosphere to cheer on your competitors while getting up there and having a go!

Dance Sensations soloists
Dance Sensations soloists supporting eachother at KAR

To learn to cope with pressure, nerves and mistakes.

Getting up on stage in front of a crowd and judges is never easy, but the more you face your fears the stronger you get! Competition settings provide a safe space for dancers to learn to deal with pressure, nerves, and build self-confidence. Eisteddfods teach kids that sometimes you make mistakes, but you have to get back up and keep going! Dancers learn resilience while understanding that nobody is perfect, mistakes happen and that’s okay. As they say; “the show must go on”.

What’s your favourite thing about eisteddfods?

Let us know in the comments below what you love about dance competitions and why! Is it performing for your friends and family or watching and supporting other studio teams?

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