DS Family

DS Family

This week we’re exploring the benefits of dancing here at Dance Sensations. And the biggest one I can think of is our Dance Family! One great example of how strong our dance family is highlighted through the amazing support our students, teachers and their families continue to show each other at eisteddfods.

Miss Allie presented our Fireworks Troupe with beautiful framed poems before they went on stage to perform their new piece – Body Love

Miss Hannah presenting the Opals with their Spirit Stick


Get the Beat

In the first weekend of May, DS competed at an eisteddfod in Wollongong called Get The Beat. This was just one of many regionals held across Australia and all fifteen of our group numbers qualified for Nationals. So DS is going interstate to compete at a National level in the September school holidays! VERY PROUD AND SO EXCITED! Not only did our groups compete but several our talented and determined soloists and duos also got the opportunity to get up on stage and show how hard they’ve all been working.

Some more of our talented soloists

Mackenzie, one of our senior soloists, celebrating after some fantastic performances & results


Over four days, DS dancers along with their families and teachers (see ‘entourage’) showed up in droves for long hours to encourage and cheer on one another. Miss Hannah had even hand crafted specialised ‘spirit sticks’ for each of our troupes! This was too promote the bonding that is such an essential aspect of being a part of our team. Our students warmed up together, watched each other rehearse, made buddies, braided hair, did each other’s makeup, shared their snacks (special mention to Sophie Yates for those delicious brownies and cookies!) and the list goes on and on.


Our troupes watching each other rehearse

Students, Teachers, Friends! Miss Jesi & Miss Hannah performing together just like they did when they were in 10’s

Our stunning Rubies performed their new piece in these beautiful lace costumes

Mums & Dads & Brothers & Sisters & Grandparents & Aunties & Uncles & Cousins (and everything in between)

And not to mention our incredible families who brought each other’s children, supplied our teachers with coffee (INVALUABLE!), were backstage changing costumes, hair, lipstick colour etc., and did it all so that their children can get up on stage and smile. How good is that?! We are so lucky and so very grateful for this network. We know at DS that it is teamwork that makes all that we do possible and our parents play such a vital role in this.

Quick shout out to Miss Allie too – she never seems to run out of energy, positivity and is wholly committed to our students! What an incredible person to have in our corner?!


Miss Allie with duo partners Sofie & Olivia – can you guess what style of dance they performed?

DS FAMILY – you set us apart and we love you!

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