It pays to do Ballet

It pays to do Ballet

…Footballers confirm!
It’s no big surprise that ballet brings grace and technique to our dancers. But did you know it helps build strength, posture, balance AND is great for injury prevention? These skills benefit everyone, from our 3 year olds here at DS, to their dad’s (who probably haven’t ever stepped foot into a dance class)!
Last month BBC reported the rise of football clubs worldwide enrolling their players into ballet classes. This demanding style assists in their training, emphasising a whole-body approach to their exercise regime and unsurprisingly it’s having amazing results. Check out the article below…

These rugby league players from the north of England aren’t the only ones employing ballet into the strength and conditioning training, players from the NFL, NHL and English Premier League

Believe it or not, many similarities can be drawn between football and ballet. Lots of the same muscle groups are used, both sports (YES, I said sports) demand finesse, strength, balance in bursts and there is also evidence proving similar injuries are suffered by ballerinas/ballerinos and footballers alike.

And football players are not the only recent converts to ballet, athletes around the world are incorporating ballet training into their weekly schedule. Ballet builds flexibility, speed, agility, mental focus and endurance, which might explain why ballet workouts are the latest fitness craze, benefitting elite athletes but also those looking to add a little bounce to their exercise regimes.

Here at DS, we offer recreational ballet classes for our energetic minis all the way through to our committed seniors. And for those looking to gain some formal training qualifications, our students can also work towards sitting their RAD Ballet Exams.

So why not give ballet a try – let your inner Angelina Ballerina or Jody Sawyer (for those Centre Stage fans) shine!

Ethan Stiefel, Amanda Schull and Sascha Radetsky dance on stage in a scene from the film ‘Center Stage’, 2000. (Photo by Columbia Pictures/Getty Images)

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