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Dance Sensations Midyear Showcase

What is the DS Midyear Showcase? As dancers we spend most of our time in the dance studio working super hard, practicing tricks and turns, and repeating steps until we’re sweating head to toe. For me, one of the most rewarding things is getting to show off all of your hard work on stage for your friends and family to see! At DS we are so lucky to get to showcase all of the things we have been learning in [...]

Dance Sensations students at end of year concert

2017 Dance Sensations Highlights

What a year at Dance Sensations! So it’s a week late…but I was sitting back today reflecting on what an amazing, fun, inspiring year 2017 was! I couldn’t let the opportunity go by without sharing some of the amazing things that happened here at Dance Sensations over the last 12 months. It’s impossible to squish all the phenomenal things that happened in 2017 into 1 little blog…but let’s see how we go 🙂 Unbelievable dance classes! Seems like a funny one for [...]

Dance Sensations concert logo 2017

What to pack for End of Year Concert

It’s getting to that time here at Dance Sensations– end of year concert time!! We are so so excited, and we hope you are too. You may be thinking, “what do I possibly put in my dance bag?”. Well we are here to help you solve that problem, with everything you need to put in your bag! FOOD AND WATER The most important thing of all! Dancers must stay hydrated and eat plenty throughout the day so they can [...]

Dance Sensations troupe students after 'DS Spirit Day' 2017

DS Troupes Are Going To Nationals!

OUR DS TROUPES ARE GETTING READY TO KILL IT AT NATIONALS! At Dance Sensations, we have some amazing troupe classes that compete throughout the year. Our troupe classes are full of dedicated and talented students, that work super hard all year round! Earlier this year, our amazing students successfully qualified for the national finals of Get The Beat. These holidays they finally get to head to Caloundra, Sunshine Coast to compete on a National stage. We are so excited!! To celebrate, we held [...]