End Of Year Concert – What to pack!

Dance Sensations Students performing on stage

End Of Year Concert – What to pack!

Concert Packing Checklist

The Dance Sensations End Of Year Concert is one of the studio’s most exciting events of the year! Every class gets a chance to showcase their new routines and show off all of the new skills that they have been developing throughout terms 3 and 4. It can be a very busy time of year,  so to take one thing off of your to-do list here is a guide on what to pack for concert and rehearsal day! For the full concert booklet with everything you need to know click here!

Dance sensations students on stage performing ballet
Dance sensations students on stage in the 2017 Concert "DS Love"

Dance Shoes

Cheer – Plain white joggers

Hip Hop – Any coloured joggers

Jazz – Tan Jazz shoes

Contemporary – Bare feet

Ballet – Pink ballet shoes

Musical Theatre – Tan jazz shoes

Tap – Tan tap shoes

Troupe – Same shoes as they compete in!

Food and Water

It is important to stay hydrated as students will have a very busy and tiring day! At Dance Sensations, we recommend bringing water as your only drink. Other drinks like juice can be messy (especially if they get spilled on costumes) and won’t keep you properly hydrated. Bring 1 big bottle of water or even two bottles of water if you are going to be performing multiple shows.

You will most likely be backstage for some time waiting to dance during the concert, and it is important to keep your body fueled so you can dance with lots of energy on stage! It’s a good idea to bring some small snacks to munch on in your break time. We recommend things like crackers, bananas, apples, muesli bars etc. as they’re both healthy and unlikely to make a mess!

Hair and Makeup Touch-Ups

Some items that will come in handy include bobby pins, a hair brush and non-aerosol hairspray (due to asthma) to neaten up har for children in multiple dances/shows. Makeup-wise students are welcome to bring lipstick and any other makeup items to touch up but this is not compulsory!


Stockings are sold at both Kiama and Shellharbour studios for $15 each!

Ballet and RAD – pink ballet stockings

All other styles – tan jazz stockings

DS Minis – All minis will wear tan jazz stockings regardless of class style to make costume changes easier!

Concert Shirt

You will receive a t-shirt at the rehearsal that you will need to bring on concert day to wear during the finale. This shirt is yours to keep but you will need to bring your own choice of bottoms to wear with it!

Dance Sensations students on stage at the DS concert

Have you made your concert checklist yet? Let us know what your concert essentials are in the comments below!

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