Styles of Dance

Styles of Dance

What style of Dance should I try next?

Have you ever wanted to try a style of dance that you’ve never done before? Whether you’re looking to try your very first dance class or just add a new style to your schedule we’ve got you covered! This blog post will give you a rundown on some of the most popular styles of dance to help you decide what class is best for you!

Styles of dance

Jazz or Hip Hop

If you’re looking for an upbeat, super fun style of dance to do then jazz and hip-hop will be perfect for you! These two styles, although very different, share a lot of similarities! Jazz is a great style where you can learn jazz technique while learning how to entertain. Hip Hop will teach you groove steps that will help you develop style when you dance and teach you how to stay grounded.

Dance Sensations students performing hip hop


If you’re looking for a more focused class then ballet is the style for you! Ballet is all about building technique and strength while moving gracefully. It is the basic foundation for almost every style of dance. The skills that you learn in ballet are useful in any other style of dance.

Dance sensations students performing ballet

Contemporary and Lyrical

These two styles, although different from each other are both very expressive. The focus in lyrical dance is to connect with song lyrics while showing ballet technique. Contemporary dance is less ballet based and involves a lot of free movement. Both styles require connecting to the music and almost telling a story on stage. These two styles are great for self-expression.

Dance Sensations students performing tap

Cheer and Acro

These two styles go hand in hand. Cheerleading is a mixture of dance, gymnastics and stunting all in one! A typical cheer class will focus on combining these elements into one routine to show on stage! Acro classes are more skill based, so if you are hoping to learn how to flip, increase flexibility or try some different jumps then acro is perfect for you!

Dance Sensations cheer class on stage

Tap and Musical Theatre

If you LOVE to make noise then these are the styles for you!
Tap dance is a style where the dancer wears special shoes fitted with metal taps so that they are able to match rhythmical sounds of the toes and heels to music. This style is great for learning musicality and lots of fun to experiment with what noises and rhythms you can make.
Musical theatre is a combination of singing, dancing and sometimes a bit of acting! This style allows you to express yourself and explore different areas of performance. Musical theatre is especially great for confidence building as it allows the dancer to ‘put themselves out there’ and combine passions in acting or singing with their love of dance!
Dance Sensations students performing tap

Let Us Know!

What style of dance would you love to try next? What styles have you already tried before? We want to know! Leave a comment below and share your experience with different styles of dance.

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