Discipline in Dance Classes

Dance Sensations classes are great for developing discipline

Discipline in Dance Classes

By engaging in an extracurricular activity like dance classes at Dance Sensations, some may think that exercise and staying fit is the only benefit. However, dancing can teach great life skills that can be taken on to use in the future for personal life and the workplace. Some of these life skills include time management, perseverance, dedication and most importantly, discipline. Discipline is the skill we are going to focus on today – a skill that is often unrecognised but never goes unrewarded!

Ask any professional dancer and they will all agree that discipline is the number one trait that drives success as a dancer. As with all walks of life, the most successful people in their field are not necessarily the most talented, but are always the most dedicated and disciplined. There are many aspects of dance that can teach discipline in all areas of life. Ways that dance classes at DS encourage discipline include:

Dancers work hard to get what they want

Working really hard in their dance classes to achieve a specific skill encourages drive and determination in students.  Whether it is a pirouette in ballet classes, a freeze in hip hop classes or anything in between the process is the same.  Students need discipline to try, fail, receive feedback, improve and try again, sometimes over and over again!  No one ever nailed their triple turn perfectly on the first go! This drive and determination teaches dancers to be disciplined in all areas of their life. If you really want something bad in life, dancers understand that it doesn’t come easily. You have to work hard! This will translate to things in life like a grade in school or getting that dream job.

Discipline gives you critical thinking skills

In dance classes, especially ballet, dancers may practise skills and exercises until the cows come home. By practising these steps, learning skills that may be challenging and how to communicate those steps emotionally creates critical thinking. By analysing an issue and forming judgements, this allows for dancers to have great critical thinking skills in all aspects of life. Critical thinking can be really important in the workplace or university, where you are encouraged to think of the implications of your actions.

Class attire gives dancers discipline

Having a dance uniform like we do at Dance Sensations also teaches discipline. By having a set uniform that must be worn to classes and rules on how hair must or the right shoes to wear, creates unity amongst the studio. Appearance is an integral part of discipline in dance classes.  Among other things, it gives students one less thing to worry about and lets them concentrate and focus on learning and having fun in class!

Dance Sensations student Zali leads her friends towards the stage

As we can see, discipline is important! It is an essential life skill, and a key driver of success in any and all walks of life. Discipline allows for dancers to handle adversity and commit to everything they do.

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