Holiday Dancing

Maintaining technique during the holidays

Holiday Dancing

How to stay active during dance breaks

When dance classes finish for the year it can be hard to maintain all of the skills and technique you have learned throughout the year on your own! This blog post will give you some tips on how to stay active and keep improving during the holidays.

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Learn new skills at home

Set yourself a specific flexibility goal and make a stretch routine that will help you achieve it. It will feel great to come back to dancing after holidays and be able to show off a new skill or improved technique! Remember that your holidays are also a great time to give your muscles a break so don’t be too hard on yourself! Check out our last few blog posts on “Flexibility tips“and “How to get your splits” for some inspo.

Dance Sensations dancers at the DEFYXBABE Dance Editorial Workshop in Sydney

Workshops and Open Classes

While your normal dance classes may not run, there are usually open classes or workshops in the holidays that you can take to continue dancing. Classes can range from an hour-long open class to weeklong intensives depending on what you’re looking for! These types of dance classes are great opportunities to try new styles and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Check out our blog post on making the most of dance workshops for more info!

There are a handful of options to explore when deciding how you will keep up your dance training, even when your studio is on a break.  You just have to go to a little bit of extra effort to find ways that suit your holiday schedule! Remember holidays are also designed to give your body a rest, so you should include a few days of downtime to let our body relax and heal while you have the time. Happy holidays!

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