Winter is coming…to DS

Winter is coming…to DS

Keeping Warm While Dancing in Winter!

Keeping fit and injury free

As the weather gets colder it makes it harder to start moving and feel ready to get up and dance! The cold weather also means that our bodies are far more injury prone and likely to feel soreness after dancing. Here are a few tips to stay warm and injury free during the colder months at Dance Sensations.

A proper warm up routine is key to looking after your body for dance

1. ALWAYS warm up

And no, I don’t mean sitting in front of a heater 5 minutes before your ballet class! Warming up your body before class is super important to minimise injuries and sore muscles as it prepares your muscles for exercise. Warm-ups don’t need to be anything fancy, simple dynamic movement such as star jumps, jogging around and jumping side to side will help wake up the big muscle groups in your body. At Dance Sensations, our teachers always make sure to include a typical warm-up or some type of warm-up game into the beginning of the lesson, but if you want to be super prepared for your dance class you can even start your own warm up at home!

Example of a quick pre-class warm-up:

  • 10 star jumps
  • 5 burpees
  • 30 seconds of jogging in place
  • 5 push ups
  • Roll out wrists, ankles and neck in a circular motion

2. Stretching AFTER warm ups - not before

A common mistake that many dancers make is holding static (still) stretches for a long time before dancing and counting this as their warm-up. The problem with this is that the muscles need to get blood flowing to them before stretching them out, and the best way to do this is by moving around! It is always good to have a light stretch right after the warm up so you feel flexible and mobile when dancing, but it shouldn’t be anything too intense! To make the most out of your flexibility you should save intense stretching for after class, as this is when your muscles are easier to lengthen and can slowly cool down as you stretch, helping to prevent soreness. Check out this guide by the amazing Lisa Howell for even more tips on a good warm up!

3. Wearing the right gear

It’s always good to have appropriate dance wear for the different seasons to make sure you’re comfortable in class. If you walk into your Monday night ballet class in a crop top and shorts on a cold, wintery night, your muscles are going to be super stiff and you’ll also probably be asking for the flu!. Having a nice cover up to wear during the warm-up phase of class is super handy. At Dance Sensations we are lucky enough to have our own winter uniform which makes the colder months a little more bearable! With hoodies, tights and stockings we have winter weather covered, but if you are looking to grab some Dance Sensations winter gear get in sooner rather than later! Stock will go quickly as the mid-year concert approaches!

Over to you

Do you have a warm up routine before heading into class? If so we’d love to hear about it in the comments below 🙂 Or, what tip and trick from above are you going to try before your next class?

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