Dance Sensations Midyear Showcase

Dance Sensations Midyear Showcase

What is the DS Midyear Showcase?

As dancers we spend most of our time in the dance studio working super hard, practicing tricks and turns, and repeating steps until we’re sweating head to toe. For me, one of the most rewarding things is getting to show off all of your hard work on stage for your friends and family to see! At DS we are so lucky to get to showcase all of the things we have been learning in the first half of the year at our DS Midyear Showcase!

Midyear time - what to expect

Midyear Showcase day is one of the most exciting days of the year! It’s a day where not only do our friends and family get to see us dance, but we also get to watch and cheer on our friends in their dances too! An important thing to remember on concert day is that we are all there to have fun! It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit nervous before performing, but always remember that it’s ok to make mistakes and that at the end of the day as long as you try your best and have fun that’s all that matters!

Preparing for Midyear Showcase

As the concert date approaches, teachers will be preparing the dances in class so that it’s ready to go on stage! A good thing to do before concert time is to make sure you know your dance (or dances) off by heart so there’s no stress on concert day and you can enjoy the stage without thinking about what move is next or what position you need to go to! The best way to do this is practice practice practice! At DS we have an app called AZAGI where videos will be posted for students to practice or watch at home if they feel they need that little bit of extra reassurance. There is no need to worry because the teachers will be making sure everyone feels confident in the weeks leading up to the showcase. Remember that more than anything, your teacher wants to make sure you have FUN on the day so let them know if you’re worried about anything at all.

Some Dance Sensations Troupe students waiting to go onstage

Over to you

All of the staff here at Dance Sensations hope that the students are as super excited as we are to show your family and friends everything we have learnt this first half of the year at the DS Midyear Showcase!!  So remember to pencil the dates 24th OR 30th June (depending on what class you’re in) in your diary.


We’d love to hear what your favourite memories about Midyear concerts are in the comments below 🙂

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