What to pack for End of Year Concert

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What to pack for End of Year Concert

It’s getting to that time here at Dance Sensationsend of year concert time!!

We are so so excited, and we hope you are too. You may be thinking, “what do I possibly put in my dance bag?”. Well we are here to help you solve that problem, with everything you need to put in your bag!


The most important thing of all! Dancers must stay hydrated and eat plenty throughout the day so they can perform their best. It’s always best to pack healthy food that can keep you going the whole day and not junk food that will make you crash. And of course, no nuts!


Depending on what style of dance you do, you will need to have the correct shoes! Here is a quick guide to the type of shoes you will need:

Cheer– White joggers

Hip Hop– Any coloured sneakers

Jazz and Musical Theatre– Tan coloured jazz shoes for the girls and black for boys

Ballet– Ballet pink jazz shoes for the girls and black for the boys

Contemporary– No shoes


It can never hurt to pack things to fix up your hair! Bobby pins and a brush can always come in handy in case your hair falls out.


It’s really important to have the right dance stockings with you! Dance stockings are available from any dance shop or we sell them at the studio for $15.00.

Jazz, Cheer, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop and ALL minis- Tan stockings

Ballet- Ballet pink stockings


You will receive a tshirt at the rehearsal that you will need to bring on concert day to wear during the finale. This shirt is yours to keep! You will also need to bring any coloured bottoms (skirt,shorts, tights etc) to wear with the shirt. Our finale is always such a fun part of the concert!
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Have you created your dance bag checklist yet?

Tell us what is in your list in the comments below!

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