Industry Focus – Royal Family

Hip hop crew Royal Family is such an inspiration for Dance Sensations students

Industry Focus – Royal Family

Ever since the Royal Family graced our screens in Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ film clip, the world has fallen in love- and DS too!

Here at Dance Sensations studio, we love hip hop! Hip hop has been at the studio since we began in 2001 – that’s 17 years ago!  We offer hip hop dance classes for all ages, starting at minis hip hop for 3-year-olds and going all the way to adults. The DS staff love to draw inspiration from various hip hop dance crews all over the world so that we can give you new and exciting ways to do hip hop. One dance crew that DS absolutely loves are Royal Family!

Hip hop dance

Royal Family is a hip hop mega dance crew from New Zealand that has won countless championships and danced for celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jason Derulo and Justin Bieber! Royal Family have changed the way we look at hip hop and are in very high demand. Much like the hip hop dance classes here at DS, Royal Family focuses on street dance class style hip hop with breakdancing and acrobatic elements. In fact, all of our DS teachers look to the Royal Family for inspiration in hip hop regularly! Check out the video below of the Royal Family doing their thing!

Royal Family is featured in Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ film clip that can be seen above, and this still one of our favourite film clips to watch (especially Miss Reegan!). Justin Bieber liked the head choreographer Paris Goebel so much that he got her to then go on to choreograph and direct all thirteen of Justin Bieber’s Purpose: The Movement videos. The ‘Sorry’ film clip won the best video of the year at the AMA awards and has had more than 2 billion views- wow! It’s pretty obvious that the rest of the world loves Royal Family as much as DS does!

DS girls dressing up as the Royal Family for Royal Monday dress up day!

You can check out another DS favourite of Royal Family here…and let us know about your favourite hip hop crew in the comments section below.

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