Dance Industry Focus- Yanis Marshall

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Dance Industry Focus- Yanis Marshall

Here at Dance Sensations, we are always drawing from inspiration from amazing choreographers around the world for our dance classes. We are always looking to do things differently, and choreograph dances that blow away audiences. One choreographer that DS absolutely loves and draws inspiration from is Yanis Marshall, a French dancer and YouTube sensation!

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Yanis Marshall is known for his intricate and insane choreography that involves dancing in 6 inch high heels, all whilst being incredibly fierce! Yanis moved to New York at the age of 19 to dance, and found himself wanting to do something that would make him stand out. He quickly became a YouTube sensation where he would dance to artists like Spice Girls and Beyonce-all in heels mind you! After this, he entered Britain’s Got Talent where although he did not win, his talent was very much recognised and he has since been travelling the world choreographing. Yanis has now travelled to Europe and America teaching, and also choreographed and cast Zumanity, Cirque du Soleil’s resident show in Las Vegas. Check out this video below of Yanis doing his thing on Britain’s got talent!

We love Yanis so much, that Miss Allie has recently choreographed a Yanis Marshall inspired hip hop dance with our advanced hip hop dance class, that they performed at nationals! The advanced dance class will be dancing in heeled boots and showcasing the sharp and melting moments in their movements much like Yanis. We can’t wait for you to see this amazing dance at our special end of year concert! But for the time being, here is a quick sneak peak!

What do you think of Yanis Marshall’s choreography? Do you think you could dance in heels?


Check out more of his amazing dances here

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