Mia Michaels Workshop

Mia Michaels Workshop

On the 12th of February, Amanda treated our five assistant teachers to a workshop in Sydney from the one and only, Mia Michaels!

Mia Michaels is a famous choreographer from America, most commonly known as a judge and choreographer from the TV series So You Think You Can Dance.

She has also worked on hit Broadway musicals, choreographed for celebrities like Celine Dion, Madonna, Prince and many more! Michaels has won three Emmy awards for Outstanding Choreography, worked with Cirque du Soleil and is currently writing a book – a memoir which hopes to inspire dance professionals and fans worldwide.

Mia’s expertise in dance has made her a highly sought after guest instructor and choreographer across the globe and in February she travelled to Australia for just two exclusive workshops in Melbourne and Sydney. Her students and peers around the world have noted her as a memorable influence. She has a way of touching people’s lives with passion, emotional expression and style of dance. Our girls have to agree – have a read of what they thought of the whole experience…

“Mia Michaels was amazing!! She really changed my perspective on what dance is about and her words were incredibly inspirational. The movements she choreographed were organic and free. She talked about how dancing is not about how many turns you can do or how high your leg goes, she told us that dancing was about using your body freely and expressing your life through your body. She also explained her philosophy on body love and how she lives her life. It was truly a day to remember and she reminded me how much dancing means to me!”

“I loved it, it was amazing to see dancing through the eyes of someone else and learn from them.”

“It was really inspirational and it opened a whole new way to look at dancing and choreographing dances for the future. It was really incredible.”

“The Mia Michaels workshop was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and I will never forget the way I felt that day. The vibe was so carefree and pure and you felt that you could truly be yourself and just dance and let go. Mia was so inspirational and kind, and hearing her talk brought tears to every single person’s eyes in the room. Her choreography was so natural and it really felt that you could just dance without a care in the world. We were surrounded by so many other amazing dancers and getting the chance to watch others dance such beautiful choreography was incredible. We were lucky enough to stay back after the workshop had finished and say hello to Mia and get photos (and of course hugs) with her and she was such a kind and genuine person. That day was one that I’ll never forget and she really changed my perspective a lot of things in life.”

Wow, what an amazing opportunity for our girls!! Here they are pictured below (absolutely beaming after completing the workshop) with Michael Dameski, Mia’s assistant for her Australian tour and the winner of So You Think You Can Dance Australia in 2014



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