The Radio City Rockettes

The Radio City Rockettes

September 1946, Rockette Rehearsal

The Radio City Rockettes are a famous dance company known for their precision, glamour and flair. Each Christmas season in New York City, they produce a Christmas Spectacular concert with shows performed 5 times a day, 7 days a week. You know that classic step where dancers link up and create a kick line? They kick in perfect time and kick to the perfect height… well this is the company who made that step famous!



This dance troupe was formed in the 1920’s and it has since become an American icon. Their members are symbols of what you can achieve if you move with passion, dream big, work hard and most importantly, believe in yourself.

Famous Rockettes

A lot of successful dancers and actors have begun their professional careers performing as a Rockette. Vera-Ellen is one such example, she kick-started her career with this company. She is now better known for dancing alongside Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire in numerous, popular musicals in Hollywood and NYC. Another possible household name is Suzanne Rogers, who plays Maggie Horton in the well-known soap opera Days of our Lives. Rogers is the youngest girl to take the stage as a Radio City Rockette and has been working as a dancer turned actress since 1963! Who said dancers don’t enjoy long and fruitful careers?!


Just recently, the auditions for the 2017/18 Christmas Spectacular saw almost 1000 dancers lined up outside Radio City Music Hall with the hope of being cast in this illustrious company. Dancers flock (or is it prance?) from all over the world for the opportunity to dance with the Rockettes, but not just any female dancer can audition. To be considered for a position, dancers must be in great physical shape due to the highly demanding schedule. Another requirements is they must also be in the height bracket of 5’6 and 5’10. Well, that certainly narrows it down…



If you’re ever in New York, these shows exceed expectations and come highly recommended by many of us at DS who have been lucky enough to witness it firsthand. Finally, I have to mention the fantastic blog they produce weekly  – check out the website here


Happy dancing everybody! X


An impressive display of teamwork

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