Staff Spotlight – Miss Hannah

Hannah teaching her minis on stage

Staff Spotlight – Miss Hannah

If there were to be a Dance Sensations spirit ambassador, Miss Hannah would be it! Always happy, bubbly and fun, we love having Miss Hannah around. She loves DS Spirit so much, that she even made a DS Spirit stick for every troupe this year.  She then gave up her weekend to come and present the spirit sticks to each troupe and cheer them on…loudly! We sat down with Miss Hannah to find out more about what makes her tick and what DS means to her…

Dance Sensations Troupe Diamonds receiving their spirit stick from Miss Hannah
Miss Hannah presenting the Diamonds with their very own Spirit Stick

When did you start dancing?

When I was 5 years old in Wollongong and still dancing to this day!

What is your favourite style of dance? Why?

Lately, it has been lyrical and contemporary. I never used to like it because I couldn’t move my body that way when I was younger, but as I’ve gotten older I feel like I have adapted more to the style. I like to express myself through dance and I feel like I can do that really well through these styles. For anyone who feels like they aren’t great at contemporary, keep trying!

How Long have you been part of the DS Fam?

I’ve been part of the DS fam for 13 years.

What do you like most about DS?

How we are one big family. We have always been close and always will be! I also love the DS spirit that everyone brings. Being supportive of each other is so important and I think we are great at it at DS!

Miss Hannah with her beautiful Pre-school dance students

What’s your favourite thing about teaching dance?

Forming relationships with the kids and talking to them about not just dance, but real life things. I love finding common ground with the kids and finding out what their interests are and how I can make dance even more fun for them. I also love watching my minis grow and mature. Seeing how far they have come at the end of year concert is so rewarding!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I really love to cook! I have always loved to be in the kitchen and make new things. I also really love to spend time in the sun- the beach is one of my favourite places to be! I also love to exercise- I think it is a really important part of life.

What are your favourite DS moments?

I entered an ‘improv’ section at the last eisteddfod we went to which was hilarious! Basically, they give you a song and you get to hear it once, then you have to get on stage and do a dance. It was so much fun! I also really love to watch the concert and see all of your hard work put together with your dances. And of course the hugs from my students!

Miss Hannah getting beautiful hugs from her minis!

What is your most embarrassing moment on stage?

One time at Showcase I literally fell off the back of the stage and got stuck for at least 20 seconds!! The stage didn’t have a back wall, just a curtain and someone had to save me and pull me up! It got caught on video too so I can never live that one down. Also, when I was younger in tap I tripped over my coat and fell straight on my face!

And there are many more of these stories, I could go on!

What would you say to someone that has had an embarrassing moment on stage?

Laugh it off! It’s always a great story later on. Embarrassing moments happen all the time and don’t let it get to you!

Most embarrassing costume:

One time I had to wear a bright yellow morph suit because I was dressed as a chicken!

Who is your hero?

My mum! She is me in 30 years.

Who is your fave choreographer?

Robert Green. He is a new and upcoming hip hop choreographer. He is ridiculous!

Parting words for your DS fans?


Be Sasha fierce and try your best!

Little Miss Hannah
Miss Hannah in the coat that tripped her over on stage and doing some of her ballet positions!

Thankyou Miss Hannah for everything that you do for DS and always bringing DS Spirit! We love you!

Let us know in the comments below your favourite Miss Hannah moment.  Also let us know which staff member you’d like to see featured in a Staff Spotlight!

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