Staff Spotlight – Meet Miss Allie

Staff Spotlight – Meet Miss Allie

In 2016, Dance Sensations was lucky enough to welcome Allison (better known as Miss Allie AKA Sally) to the team all the way from New York City. Amanda literally searched the world for her – and what a gem she has found! Miss Allie has taken on the lion’s share of the troupes and solos here at DS producing challenging and exciting routines. Allie has an infectious personality, is incredibly motivated and big surprise – our students just adore their resident American! Read on to gain a little insight on our favourite girl from the Big Apple!

When did you start dancing?
– When I was 2 and a half
Really? Wow! What did you start with?
– Tap… Clearly
Okay amazing, what’s the best costume you’ve ever worn?
– Like really the best costume or?
Best costume or most horrible – whatever you prefer…
– Most horrible was a purple velour unitard with a small tutu skirt and it was for a tap dance. My best was a pretty white lyrical costume with lots of rhinestones

Do you have a favourite choreographer?
– Mia Michaels – love! And Andrew Winghart, he’s really good!
What artists do you like due to their support for dancers?
– Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Justin Beiber – I have a lot of respect for him because he hires real dancers and not just people in the industry. He finds real crews
Who’s your favourite artist to dance to?
– Yoncé
What’s your favourite style?
– To teach, I think contemporary, but to do – even though I struggle with it – hip hop. I like a challenge!
Great! And what brought you to Australia to teach?
– I wanted something new and I wanted to do more
And you weren’t scared of coming all the way to Australia?
– I was scared of the spiders and the wildlife but then I got here and felt better! No rattlesnakes so all good! Everyone makes it seem so scary here?!
What’s your favourite thing about Australia so far?
– The weather, the beaches definitely… and the Thai!
[As we sit eating in a Thai restaurant!]
And your favourite thing about teaching dance?
– Seeing kids progress and get better. Actually seeing them struggle – I like the struggle and then seeing them overcome that
What do find yourself telling students all the time?
– Point your toes. No hesitation.
What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting dancing?
– Remember that it’s for fun and that it’s hard
From your experience, what do you think sets DS apart from other dance studios?
– The family vibe and the size – it’s pretty huge! It’s not a small studio but for it to still have that family feel where everyone grew up dancing together
Your favourite thing about dancing?
– Not having to think about anything else besides dancing
And the big finale question, if you could be anyone in the world who would you be?
– I don’t want to say it but probably Beyoncé because she lives my dream of getting to go up on stage and dance. Working with amazing back up dancers and amazing choreographers
Any last words?
– I love my fans – thanks for the support!

***Thank you Miss Allie, we can’t wait to see the amazing new routines you come up with this year!***

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