Staff Spotlight – Meet Miss Reegan

Dance Sensations teacher Miss Reegan

Staff Spotlight – Meet Miss Reegan

Introducing Miss Reegan

Miss Reegan is a vital organ here at DS, perhaps even our heart. Her passion for dancing, love of the stage and rapport with students keeps our studio a happy and friendly place. She is on both our admin and teaching staff, while also remaining a student herself – phew! She is well loved by her colleagues and students and this place just wouldn’t be the same without her. We’re so grateful to have her in our DS family!


First things first, when did you start dancing?

When I was 5 years old

And have you been dancing ever since?


What’s your favourite style of dance?

To teach, I would say contemporary. It allows me to express myself and share that experience with my students. But to dance, oh there’s so many… Musical Theatre, Tap, Broadway Jazz. I can’t choose just one!

I guess you like musicals then?

I live for musicals!

What’s your favourite musical?

Singing the rain. I was lucky enough to see it live when I was 8 years old, the performers actually kicked the water from the stage onto me. I’ve been hooked ever since. I started my personal performance journey at the roo theatre

So how long have been apart our DS family?

This would be my 12th year give or take a few holidays

Wow! You must bleed purple. And how long have you been teaching?

Going on 5 years now

What’s your favourite thing about teaching dance?

Seeing the kids grow week to week and watching them onstage is always such a proud moment

What’s your main role here at DS?

Enrolment Co-ordinator

And what perks come with that particular title?

It allows me the opportunity to get to know most of the DS families and really reinforces the sense of community I feel here

Outside of dancing then, we know you’re a busy little bee – what do you do when you’re not at DS?

I’m a learning support teacher at Minnamurra Primary School.

You’re my hero! But, what does Miss Reegan do for fun?

Like everyone, I love spending time with my family & friends. In the school breaks, you’ll find me enjoying my family’s company and the sunshine in Cairns

And aren’t you quite the movie buff?

I do love movies! And popcorn!

Who doesn’t?! Back to dancing now, what would you say sets DS apart from the rest?

Definitely the family environment, as well as the range of kids we cater to. There are kids that come in for 30mins a week to students who are here almost as much as me and all getting to do what they love. I also love the fact that most of the teachers here have been students themselves right here at DS

That is so special. Can you share with us one of your personal highlights here at DS over the years?

There’s not especially one moment, just the fact that I get to go to work every day with my friends… which obviously includes Azaliah & Gigi Barr

Obviously! Tell us about your best and worst costumes too…

Worst would have to be when I was dressed as a frog which included a green afro wig, a hoop skirt around my neck paired with a fluro orange unitard. Need I say more?
My favourite has been the dresses we got to wear for a broadway style jazz dance recently. A halter neck, with black and white fringing – it’s a classic.

Can’t go wrong with black & white! What about your most embarrassing moment on stage to date?

There was that time when I had a fake ponytail hanging at the end of my real ponytail… oh no! Wait – that time I was performing at an eisteddfod, I was front centre and did a boomerang kick (off-centre kick) and my black stockings split right at the crotch!

AMAZING! And with all this experience, what do you find yourself telling your students in class?

To use dance to convey their emotions and to always be themselves

And advice to anyone wanting to join or start back at dancing?

Go for it! You’re never too old to start!

Hear! Hear! If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be?

Can I be a dog…? No? Okay, probably my Grandpa – Reggie Senior. He has a ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks of me’ attitude and never apologises for being himself.

That’s awesome. If you were to be a professional performer, where would you want to be?

On Broadway! Or touring with a musical, I’m open to paid travel

Who is your favourite choreographer at the moment?

Ashley Banjo – he’s from a crew in the UK called Diversity

What’s your favourite music to dance to?

Sam Smith & Ed Sheeran

What made you want to become a dance teacher?

I always wanted to be like my own dance teachers



That’s so lovely. Have you got any parting words for your supporters at DS?

I love coming to work here, I could be having the worst day and then I can forget all about it because I’m doing what I love

Such lovely words from an even lovelier person. We’re such big fans of Miss Reegan here at DS, you may not always get to see her face but she’s contributing so much to our studio behind the scenes and I can assure you she is making your lives at DS happier and easier.

– Thank you Reegan, we appreciate and admire all that you are and all that you do!

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